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Military History Tours          On Tour - Swim the Dardanelles and Sponsored Surf Clubs Tour of Turkey 19 August 2010


The Boats are Tested at Burc Beach

Today was the opportunity for our crews to try out their boats in the Black Sea, and start to pass some of their knowledge on to their Turkish comrades.

The day was calm, there was little sign of the 1 - 2 metre swell that had been running over the past few days. 30 - 35 degrees on the sand meant a great beach day.

The Australians and New Zealanders found their Turkish students very accomplished rowers, the skills they beeded to learn were simply how to row in a boat rather than a skull. The complex techniques required to sweep will take a time to impart, nonetheless, all agreed there will be strong local competition in 2015.

Today's photo selection is indicative of the activity that will take us to a great event in 2015.

Please activate the button to your left to view video of the surfboats on their first day at Burc Beach (or view embedded Youtube video).

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