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Military History Tours are pleased to offer you our range of tours that will take you to those areas where Australians had fought and where many who gave their lives for their mates and their country remain in Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries. Every year we will be offering a range of tours, to those areas where Australians had fought, from South Africa in 1899 to Vietnam in 1972. As we are about to enter the period of the 100th Anniversaries of those First World War actions, over the next five years we are offering the ANZAC Centenary Tours, special tours that will allow you to stand on the ground where 100 years ago, to the day, our nation’s men and women fought for their Country and helped to forge our national identity.

ANZAC Centenary Tours

Special 100th Anniversary Commemoration tours to: Rabaul 2014, Gallipoli 2015, Israel 2017, France and Belgium 2016 to 2018 are available for booking NOW!

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Regular and Other Tours

Our regular and other tours below are also available for booking.

Our Other ANZAC Day at Villers-Brettoneux (France and Belgium) – 20 April to 2 May 2018

This is a special tour developed for a very specific purpose that we hope will, in a small way, make sure that those who fell on the Western Front are truly remembered. In 1918, on what we now know as Anzac Day, April 25, Australian Forces, against all odds, achieved a victory over superior German Forces at Villers-Bretonneux, which was viewed by many at the time, as "the greatest individual feat of the war." Certainly, in the Somme Valley in Northern France, the inhabitants have not forgotten this battle or the 52,000 Australians who died in battle during WW1 on the Western Front. Following a number of meetings with the Government we, at Military History Tours, were able to convince the Australian Government to conduct the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux for the first time on the 90th Anniversary of that special battle.

In 2018 there will be the special 100th Anniversary ANZAC Day Tour.

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ANZAC Day in Athens (Greece and Crete) - 8 to 26 April 2017

On 6 April 1941, the German Army launched its attack against the Greeks on the Metaxos Line and then attacked the Allied Expeditionary Force at Florina in Northern Greece. The Allied Force, including the 6th Australian Division and the New Zealand Division, fought a heroic withdrawal the length of Greece before bring withdrawn to Crete. On 20th May 1941 the Battle for Crete began and even though Germany was successful, the cost to the German Airborne forces meant that they would not be used again.

Our tour follows the course of the withdrawal. Actions are described in detail and there is a chance to honour those who paid the supreme price as we attend the ANZAC Day Service in Athens. The tour is also a great cultural experience as we visit many of the Ancient Greek cultural centres.

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ANZAC Day at Gallipoli - 19 April - 1 May 2017

This Tour puts you at ANZAC Cove on the 102nd anniversary of the Landing. Beforehand an Australian Military Historian will have taken you to the battle sites and helped you understand what took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula over 100 years ago. Before, after and during the Gallipoli experience you will visit with your Australian tour leader and a local guide Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamon, Kusadasi and Bursa.

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Vietnam Tunnel Rats - 13 to 21 May 2017

From 1962 to 1973 approximately 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam; 521 were killed and more than 3,000 wounded. The vast majority did their duty as demanded by the Government despite any personal feelings or thoughts.

This tour hosted by Colonel Alex (Sandy) MacGregor MC (Ret’d), takes you to where these latter-day ANZACS gave their lives when their country called. The tour allows you to experience the rich natural beauty and culture of this remarkable Asian nation. Please note that this tour will be conducted by our colleagues at Battlefield History Tours.

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RAAF in the UK - 30 June - 12 July 2017

This tour ensures that the efforts by the RAAF in World War 2 over Europe are not forgotten. In 1939-1945 Australia had 14 Squadrons operating from UK sites against Germany and many of our airmen also flew with RAF Squadrons. A great number of the airfields from where they left on those missions remain to this day. Missions that many failed to return from, and in many cases the airfield from where they had left was the last place known to them.

You visit the airfields, museums, monuments, experience the 2014 Duxford Air Show and the English hospitality encountered in the villages and the village pubs that we visit. Please note that this tour will be conducted by our colleagues at Battlefield History Tours.

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The Lone Pine Anniversary Tour - 3 to 12 August 2017

This Tour was developed to commemorate the major actions of the August Campaign. Lone Pine was a victory but The Nek a disaster. The film Gallipoli highlighted the loss at The Nek. Australians and New Zealanders fought the battles where most of the casualties were incurred. But for the incompetence of the Allied High Command, the competence of Turkish commanders, and the dogged determination of the Turkish soldiers, the allies would have been victorious. The actions by Australians at Lone Pine and New Zealanders at Chunuk Bair taking the allies as close as they ever got to a complete victory on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

We will visit the sites of these actions on the actual day they were fought, but 100 years later. Our Memorial Services will be very moving indeed and let those who lay there know that they will always be remembered.

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Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) – 5 to 10 August 2017

It was at Guadalcanal that the US 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions supported by the US Army, Navy and Army Air Force with the valued assistance of the Australian Navy and the Australian and Solomon Island Coastwatchers. These men, stopped the Japanese advance into the South Pacific and allowed the push back to Japanese Islands to commence..

75 years after the battle visit the battle sites and have the actions described in detail, walk through the equipment graveyards and be able to snorkel the wreck of a ship in Ironbottom Sound.

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The Boer War in South Africa – 26 May to 9 June 2018

Your opportunity to walk the battlefields where Australians were at war when our nation was formed. Fought over a vast 1000 km square area, area, this tour is one of the few that travels through the key areas where Australians fought.

Actions are described in detail on the ground where they happened, you visit the cemeteries, museums and there is a chance to honour those who sacrificed their lives fighting for our flag for the first time. We intend to conduct a small service at each of the cemeteries that we visit, our small service we hope will ensure that they are never forgotten.

Following that special tour, there is an opportunity to extend and visit the Kruger National Park

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