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Military History Tours          On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 24 April 2014


This is our first touring day. We are staying in Athens today and tomorrow before we head up country to where the 6th Division were engaged against the German invaders in April 1941. But first we were taken through the historical sites on Athens by Elena, our guide and major part of our team here in Greece..

After a drive around the city, we visited the copy of the original Olympic Stadium, which had been refurbished before being used in the 1896 games. The stadium is used in November each year as the finish of the annual Marathon, over the original 42 Klm route of all those years ago. The stadium was used in the 2004 Olympic Games for Archery and again the end of the Marathon.

We moved then to see the changing of the Presidential Guard before heading up to the Acropolis where we saw the refurbishment work being done on the Parthenon. I have been lucky to see the Parthenon improve each year with the big effort from very experienced workforce. Many columns are now in place and work has commenced on the internal walls. I can see the improvement each year I return.

Following our visit to the Acropolis we attended the new Acropolis Museum where our guide, Elena, gave a very interesting and detailed explanation of the artefacts held there.

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