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Military History Tours          Polygon Wood and Passchendaele Centenary Tour 30 September 2017


Today we looked at the actions where Australian units blocked the German Operation Michael advance in the first half of 1918 and the first strike to drive the enemy eastward towards armistice.

We started with the battle of Dernancourt where John L gave an accurate and detailed description of what happened. Then to Sailly le Sec where we inspected the memorial of the 3rd Division and we considered 3 Div’s part in halting the German onslaught. Down the road we paused where the Australian machine gunner downed Manfred von Richthofen.

Le Hamel and Don gave us a great account of this brilliant action by the newly formed Australian Corps under General Monash.

At Villers Bretonneau we inspected the Australian National Memorial noting progress on the Monash visitors centre, and gallery. The high tower giving us an understanding of how Pompey Elliot’s brigade enveloped the town from the north. Then to the town square where we consumed our box lunch followed by a visit to the Victoria School Museum.

A visit to Cachy gave us an understanding of the actions by Glasgow’s brigade, and the first tank on tank encounter.

A visit to Adelaide cemetery followed where we saw the site from which the Australian unknown soldier was removed.

A visit by the Frost family to their ancestor’s grave and we headed back to our hotel after a long day.


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